Hi, I am Francesco Pischedda, nice to meet you! I am a software developer and I am here to help you to grow your IT infrastructure in order to support your very own business; so what can I do for you in practice? Let's see the services I'm offering:

Software development

Currently I spend a lot of time doing full stack web development with python and the django framework; my skills are not restricted to the python world in fact I have several pieces of my code running in the wild written with ruby, c#, go, php, c, c++, java.

My skills can be put at work in these areas:

  • web development
  • game development
  • servers and services
  • desktop and mobile applications
  • integration with third party softwares


Right now I can teach you or someone of your IT team each of this arguments:

  • computer and software architecture
  • generic programming concepts
  • c, c++, python, ruby, go, c#, php, javascript, html from beginner to intermediate level
  • programming frameworks
  • introduction to shell and its tools for example vim, git, tmux and so on

These arguments are only the tip of the iceberg, if you need to learn something not listed here dont' be sad, there are chances that I can help you anyway.

Software auditing and evaluation

The team you have hired have just released the product you have paid for but you are not sure about quality and/or security of their job? Do you want to add some software in your infrastructure but you don't have the time or the skills to know if it is a good fit for your organization? Do you want to port old legacy code to a new language/platform? I am here to help!

Project management

Do you need help coordinating a new team you have hired? Probably you want to focus on your own business activity and sleep at night knowing that there is someone that is coordinating your IT team to get the job done as good and quick as possible.

Graphics/Web design, illustrations, artwork

Well, this is not my job and I am really terrible at it but I have the possibility to get help from very qualified and skilled professionals.

If you want to contact me don't be shy and send an email to: francesco dot pischedda at gmail dot com or use the subscribe form of this web site.